12:44 pm
Fri March 28, 2014

Impermanence - Painting With Sand at Emory

Monks working on the mandala during Emory University's Tibet Week
Katie King WABE

Emory University has been celebrating “Tibet Week,” a program of the Emory-Tibet Partnership which aims to bring together the best of the Western and Tibetan Buddhist intellectual traditions. One of the features of the week has been an ongoing art project in which monks paint a mandala using colored sand.

Producer Jenny Ament spoke with the monks and with Kari Leibowitz, the Program Coordinator for the Emory-Tibet Partnership, about this intricate work which will be swept away once it is completed. 

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Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
12:06 pm
Wed March 5, 2014

Bringing Coloring to the Contemporary

Paul Stephen Benjamin in his studio at the Contemporary
Myke Johns WABE

The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center is in the final week of an exhibition that breaks art back down to one of its formal elements. It’s called “Coloring.” WABE’s Myke Johns visited some of the artists involved as the work was still going up on the walls.

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Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
12:00 pm
Wed January 29, 2014

Celebrating The Jewish Experience Through Film

Credit Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Now in its fourteenth year, the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival brings together cinema from across the world. Sixty-five films exploring Jewish life, culture and history will be shown over the course of the 23-day festival, beginning Jan. 29.

WABE's Lois Reitzes sat down with the festival's programming co-chair Michael Bernstein to discuss what to expect from this year's celebration of Jewish cinema.

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12:06 pm
Mon January 27, 2014

Washing Your Hair in a Truck Stop Sink

Laura Relyea

This is an installment of our occasional series, “Storytellers” –personal, first-person narratives from metro Atlantans.

Laura Relyea is Editor and Vicereine at Vouched Books, which reviews and distributes small press publications.

Before doing that, though, Relyea toured the country as a member of a folk band. As with many independent musicians, they relied on audience members for a guest room, a couch, or a floor to sleep on.

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1:17 pm
Fri January 17, 2014

High Museum Says Goodbye to Calder Sculpture

'Three Up, Three Down' leaves the lawn of the High Museum of Art after more than 25 years.
Katie King WABE

If you walk down Peachtree Street in Midtown this weekend, you might have a sense that something is missing when you stroll by the Woodruff Arts Center.

You’re not imagining things. A sculpture by Alexander Calder that’s been an artistic landmark for more than 25 years is leaving town.  WABE’s Kate Sweeney has more.

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12:23 pm
Fri December 13, 2013

Celebrating the Outstanding at the Suzi Bass Awards

Credit WABE

Every year, Atlanta’s theater community comes together for the Suzi Bass Awards. The ceremony recognizes outstanding work in live theatre with awards for Direction, Choreography, Design, Acting and many more categories. Think about it as the Tony Awards for Atlanta. This weekend, for the first time, television audiences can follow the action down the red carpet as PBA30 will be broadcasting this year’s “Suzis,” which took place in November.

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4:33 pm
Thu December 12, 2013

Three Page-Turners...from Rebecca Burns

Rebecca Burns with her Page-Turner picks
Credit Kate Sweeney / WABE

 Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. And sometimes, fiction reads startlingly like truth.

That's the theme in this Page-Turners discussion between WABE's Steve Goss and author and Atlanta magazine deputy editor Rebecca Burns. Rebecca has written several nonfiction works about Atlanta history—most recently, the book Burial for a King, about the funeral of Martin Luther King, Junior.

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Second Cup Concert
11:10 am
Thu November 14, 2013

Jamie Barton on Winning Cardiff, the Met, and What's Next

Mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton (right) visits WABE with classical host Lois Reitzes.
Credit Dan Raby / WABE

 When Jamie Barton last visited WABE, she was preparing for, as she called it, “The Olympics of Opera.” It's more formally known as the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World. Barton went on to win both the Song Prize and the entire competition. It's thrilling to win, but what happens next? 

Georgia native mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton will perform this Sunday afternoon at 3 at Spivey Hall

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High Museum
12:06 pm
Wed November 6, 2013

Visual Storytelling - Jerry Pinkney at the High

Grrr (Lion Picks Up Mouse) Illustration from The Lion and the Mouse, Jerry Pinkney, 2009.
©2009 Jerry Pinkney Studio. All rights reserved.

Not all art is created to be hung on a wall—in the case of artist Jerry Pinkney, his watercolors have illustrated children’s books, National Park Service projects, National Geographic and earned him the Caldecott Medal in the course of his 50 year career. Now a retrospective of his work has made it onto the walls of the High Museum and WABE’s Myke Johns visited the gallery with the artist to take a look at Witness: The Art of Jerry Pinkney.

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8:39 am
Mon November 4, 2013

The Joys and Challenges of Being a Rockette

Joanna Richardson (left); Steve Goss (center); Alina Duncan (right)
Credit Barkley Russell

On Thursday, Nov. 7, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular--starring the Rockettes--begins a 17-day engagement at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.  The Rockettes have been performing in New York City since 1933;  the 'Christmas Spectacular' has been touring outside New York for 19 years.  Earlier, Rockettes Alina Duncan and Joanna Richardson talked with WABE's Steve Goss about their craft... 

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Second Cup Concert
11:55 am
Fri November 1, 2013

ASO Launches "First Friday" Concert Series

ASO cellist Jennifer Humphreys (left) with WABE's Lois Reitzes
Credit Erin Wright / Lois Reitzes

For many Atlantans who live or work in town, the prelude to the weekend is the long drive home. The ASO has a new solution for those who would rather start the weekend with music, food and drinks instead. WABE's Lois Reitzes sat down with ASO cellist Jennifer Humphreys and asked her what audiences can expect from the “First Friday” series at Woodruff Arts Center.

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Second Cup Concert
12:00 pm
Thu October 24, 2013

Jacques Martial to Perform at Rialto

Jacques Martial performing 'Notebook of a Return to the Native Land.'
Credit James Hercule / Martinique Promotion Bureau

Jacques Martial, known in France as an actor and leader of the arts, visits Atlanta for two special – and free – events.

On October 24, Martial presents his one-man stage adaptation of "Notebook of a Return to the Native Land."

On the morning of October 25, Martial will give a public lecture about the links between culture and place titled "La Villette: Culture and Urban Territory."

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12:00 pm
Wed October 9, 2013

“This Book Is Not a Book” – Burnaway Goes To Print

BURNAWAY: INTERIOR (2013), published August 2013 by BURNAWAY Magazine, Atlanta. 44 pages, full color with perfect bound cover, 7 x 10 inches, Edition of 500, with limited edition print of 50 by Ben Roosevelt.
Credit Rachel Reese /

Burnaway is an organization dedicated to covering Atlanta’s visual arts scene.

Begun in 2008, their essays, interviews with artists, and critiques were posted to the web on

But last month, they entered the realm of physical media with the publication called “Interior,” and as it turns out, Burnaway wasn’t content to simply put out a facsimile of their website.

WABE’s Myke Johns spoke to former editor Rachel Reese, who helped put the first of the annual editions together, and has this story.

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Theatrical Outfit
1:52 pm
Mon September 30, 2013

Jasmine Guy Talks 'The Guys'

Credit Theatrical Outfit

Imagine this; a fire captain struggles to write the eulogies for the 8 men he lost in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. He’s being assisted by a lone reporter. That intimate story is the basis of Theatrical Outfit’s current production, ‘The Guys.’ The show, which is based on a true story, stars Jasmine Guy playing the role of the reporter opposite Brian Kurlander, who plays the fire captain. Jasmine and director Elisa Carlson recently stopped by to share some of their thoughts on the play.

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5:56 pm
Thu September 26, 2013

STOMP Performers Play for Grady Hospital Patients

Stomp performers drum on unconventional instruments like trash cans, an ice bucket and metal food trays.
Credit Michelle Wirth/WABE News

Patients and employees at Grady Memorial Hospital got a sample of what the musical production of STOMP is like as they watched cast members perform at the hospital Thursday. The brief musical and theatrical numbers came ahead of Thursday night's opening of STOMP at the Fox Theatre.

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1:51 pm
Thu August 22, 2013

Fulton Blocks Cut to Arts Funding

Credit Fulton County

Fulton County grant funding for arts programs will stay intact.

The county commission Wednesday rejected a plan to cut arts grants by about a million dollars.

Dozens of arts groups lobbied against the proposed cut. Horizon Theatre Company Marketing Manager Kristen Gwock Silton said without arts, governments lose tax revenues, and cities lose culture.

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6:00 am
Mon August 19, 2013

Living Walls Arts Conference Continues to Grow

3ttman on Georgia Ave.
Aleck Ragsdale WABE

You may have noticed new murals Atlanta. They’re part of the Living Walls street art conference. With the city’s permission the group brings artists from around the world to paint walls and even entire buildings. 

Aleck Ragsdale reports on Living Walls’ four year growth.

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5:57 pm
Mon August 12, 2013

Using Beauty As a Weapon: Atlanta Artist Wins $50,000 Hudgens Prize

Drifters Project Works
Whitby Bierworlf

Have you ever noticed a plastic bottle tucked in the sand on the beach? Or perhaps plastic soda rings entangled in seaweed?

Those exact objects are a part Pam Longobardi’s environmental exhibits.

The Atlanta artist and activist recently received one of the nation’s largest individual art awards.

­­­­­­­­­­Seven years ago, Atlanta artist Pam Longobardi visited the south point of Hawaii and was changed forever.

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6:00 am
Mon August 12, 2013

Mayor Reed Comments on National Black Arts Festival Fundraising

Mayor Reed is confident the National Black Arts Festival will reach their fundraising goal. He commented while at a dedication ceremony for a new Atlanta BeltLine trail
Credit Aleck Ragsdale / WABE

Officials with the Atlanta based National Black Arts Festival say they’ve raised seven hundred thousand of their one million dollar goal for this season. Aleck Ragsdale spoke with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed over the weekend about what this festival means for the city.

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Atlanta Sounds
12:02 pm
Fri August 9, 2013

The Percussionist - Audio Slideshow

Tom Sherwood

In this Atlanta Sounds audio slideshow we meet percussionist Tom Sherwood.

He began playing drums when he stumbled upon an old drum kit in his dad's garage.

Today he is the principal percussionist for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

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Atlanta Sounds
12:11 pm
Fri August 2, 2013

The Orchestra Teacher - Audio Slideshow

Kerin Reed at work
Credit Rori-Tai Williams

In this Atlanta Sounds audio slideshow, we meet Kerin Reed, a long-time elementary school orchestra director.  Reed says her favorite part of the job is watching her students mature on the instruments.   She seems especially proud when she finds out that some of them have gone on to play professionally.  

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1:29 pm
Thu June 27, 2013

One Night Only, Atlanta Falcons Player Changes Venue

Justin Blalock's job is to protect Matt Ryan on the field, but now he'll depend on the others to help play John Williams' Superman March in the Side-By-Side concert.
Credit Justin Blalock/Jeff Roffman

Tonight student musicians from the Atlanta area, including members of the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra and Talent Development Program, will perform a Side-By-Side concert with members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

And there’s a very special guest also in the mix.

He’s back.

All 320 lbs. of Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman Justin Blalock will join in on this year’s Side-By-Side concert.

Last year Blalock was a guest conductor.

The Dallas, Texas native admits his love for music and specifically the tuba is just as big as playing football.

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4:53 pm
Fri April 12, 2013

$100M Film/TV Studio Coming to Covington

Triple Horse Studios have been operating in Covington for more than a decade and is now gearing up for major expansion.

Covington is getting ready to take a big step toward making its name as the Hollywood of the South, as a $100 million film studio prepares to break ground.

Triple Horse Studios will buy a 160-acre parcel, off Georgia Highway 142, from the Newton County Industrial Development Authority.

Covington-Newton Chamber head Hunter Hall says it’s something Triple Horse has wanted to do for years.

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5:03 pm
Tue March 12, 2013

Chair of National Black Arts Festival Says Organization Has Major Finanical Woes

The 25th National Black Arts Festival will not include events usually held in Centennial Olympic Park.
Credit /

The nation’s largest celebration of the arts and cultures relating to African Americans and the African Diaspora is experiencing major challenges.

The Atlanta based National Black Arts Festival has become an annual international event.

But financial woes are forcing the organization’s board of directors to make some drastic changes.

Changes that need to happen if the National Black Arts Festival is going to stay a part of Atlanta and more importantly survive says current board chair, Evern Cooper Epps.

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6:17 am
Mon March 11, 2013

National Black Arts Festival Once Again Seeks New Director

Dr. Michael Simanga
Credit National Black Arts Festival

The annual National Black Arts Festival is months away, but it’s not clear if the organization will have an executive director in place.  For the third time in four years, the organization is once again looking for leadership. 

In May of 2009, WABE interviewed Neil Barclay.  He had just been introduced as the new executive director of the National Black Arts Festival.  Barclay was replacing longtime executive producer Stephanie Hughley.

He talked about the challenges of a large arts organization like NABF.

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City Cafe
12:42 pm
Tue January 29, 2013

City Cafe: A High-Tech Tour of the State Capitol

We take a walk through Georgia's History as we tour the state capitol building with Dr. Tim Crimmins.

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7:48 am
Fri December 7, 2012

Atlanta Civic Center Needs A "Facelift"

A view of the Atlanta Civic Center from Piedmont and Ralph McGill.
Credit Charles Edwards / WABE News

Prince, Chris Rock, Porgy and Bess, and King Tut have something in common. They’ve either performed or been on display at the Atlanta Civic Center.

The event space is 47 years old.

“We’ve had minimal improvements or changes,” said Civic Center director Ann Marie Moraitakis. “It’s time for a little facelift.”

But before the facility goes under the knife, officials have to figure out what they want the Civic Center to look like when the bandages come off.

The Civic Center has a 4,600 seat theater. Moraitakis says it’s been hard to fill those seats.

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An interview with Jennifer Schwartz
8:48 pm
Sun November 25, 2012

Hitting the Road for Art, Artists

Jennifer Schwartz and Lady Blue

For centuries now, millennia in fact, people have been inventing new ways to share art with others.  Jennifer Schwartz is the owner of an Atlanta fine art photography gallery, and she’s come up with an innovative way to connect artists with would-be collectors.  She stopped by our studios to talk about it with WABE’s Steve Goss.

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2:20 pm
Thu October 18, 2012

Downtown Atlanta 'Elevates' Its Arts and Culture

Downtown Atlanta will come alive on Friday night with the formal start of 'Elevate,' a free, public art event spread across downtown.  Over nine days, local, national and international contemporary artists will transform downtown streets into a living art experience, with everything from mixed-media installations, to music, to graffiti artists, to an all-out street party.

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7:48 am
Mon October 8, 2012

Crowds Fill the Streets of Castleberry Hill for FLUX Night

Over the weekend, the downtown Atlanta neighborhood of Castleberry Hill hosted its third annual Flux Night. Flux is a public arts event featuring light and sound installations, dance performances, gallery exhibits and more. Aleck Ragsdale has this report.

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